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Ending Discussion (Spoilers duh)

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So after many long delays I finally beat the game... and honestly I just feel extremely disappointed and more than a little confused, which is rare for me. It seems like they made the ending just some massive unforeseeable twist in order to one up on the previous games which had great twist. The only way it would make sense is if they just completely disregarded the entire cannon for a short thrill or if the entire ending was just some crazy lie and completely irrelevant, which it seems to suggest in the last moments. The meta approach was interesting for a moment but then just become too much and the entire game just threatened to get lost up its own butt when they started the 'us vs the entire world' concept. Speaking as an ex writer it just felt like the entire 'fictional reality' concept and Tsugumi had a lot of plot holes that they just ran past, not to mention a number of other questions that were never answered. I assumed it was some bizarre way of them rapping up the entire series but then they just dropped a giant 'or is it' on us that would completely undermine the entire point of the ending. I don't know, I was hoping for another game but not if it will just be more meta wank that just craps all over the canon...

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