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How to Earn "50 Unique Players" in 1 Day (No Boosting Req'd)


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There's a super fast, super easy, almost guaranteed method that'll earn this trophy within 24 hours, without relying on people for P4P. You can start this method at any time.


Step 1: Have a level you want plays on. It can be your existing level. You don't need to start over.

Step 2: Create a few brand new instant finish levels, and proceed to steps 3 & 4.

Step 3: When adding the scoreboard on the new levels, "link" them to your existing trophy level.

Step 4: Make a really catchy title for the new levels and publish (ie: a popular new game title, hot topic, etc).

Step 5: Rinse and repeat if necessary throughout the day. 


Result: Anyone who plays your brand new levels will automatically continue into your trophy level.




Q: Do I lose my current level or play count?

A: No.


Q: How does this work? 

A: People that wanted to make a campaign (ie level 1, level 2, etc) can link their levels back to back. We're exploiting by making catchy titles in the "New" list.


Q: Why does this work?

A: Most new levels, especially if they're named well, get at least a few plays even if they're rated poorly.


Q: What if I don't get my 50 plays?

A: You can make unlimited "new" levels as tap-bait to quickly increase your plays on your trophy level.





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