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My two cents about the game


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Funny board game but boring after the third or fourth game as it repeats the same minigames all the time.


This game it's a bit glitchy, but in a good way. Both trophies of playing ten times the two main modes unlocked at 5 instead of 10 and the trophy for beating all instruments in House Jam unlocked with 3 instruments only (need the drum still).


BTW the 3/4 person trophies it's with 3/4 players in the same place in board, don't need 4 controllers as I thought.

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The game is not bad at all considering its genre and audience, the trophy for the 4 players can be a real PITA though. Yes, 3 of those 'players' can be the cpu. However, trying to force it is trickier than I thought. It can take several hours by itself, pure RNG.

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