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Eagle Path skill reward?


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So i have the Serpent and Jaguar skills but i have yet to unlock all eagle skills so i can't see what they are. 

Have anyone here choosen eagle in NG+ and can tell me the skills/weapon? Want to know if they are worth working towards.


Serpent skills are: 

Serpents Rage - Double Takedown on stunned enemies in combat.

Vipers Cunning - Lure Traps become incindeary bombs.

Serpent Evasion - Harder to find after escaping combat.

The weapon you get from choosing serpent path is a bow that poisons enemies.


The Jaguar skills are:

Jaguars Rage - Damage resistance after any kill.

Jaguars Strength - Enemies take longer to recover from knockdowns

Jaguard Intimidation - Enemy accuracy is decreased after witnessing a takedown.

I think jaguar weapon was a knife but dont know what it does.

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