Any Differences for PS4?

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I'm currently playing the game and have been following a video guide to make sure I basically get 100% for each of the 10 Chapters of the game.


While following along which I believe is the original version of the game released for the Android, iOS around February 2018. I noticed that the recipe ingredients for the Oiled-Drizzled Steamed Fish was a little different. When you get to that part of the story in Chapter 1: Departure. The original version had the first ingredients in a wooden box nearby the Regalia's location. It's not there on the PS4 version, instead it's on the wooden docks to the left of the area. The 2nd ingredients  for this recipe is in the same location as the original version which is found near the top of the map by the lighthouse. 


Anyway, that was one of the small differences that I've encountered so far based on trophy information. 


It doesn't make a huge difference though as you can always see the location of ingredients just by viewing your Map.    


Besides this recipe, is there anything else different that is based on the trophy list? 

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