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Angel and demon

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I found this guide, don't know if you have seen it.

I don't have the trophy yet so i can't help you much more for now.



When you make the deal with the Doctor, he will take your soul and say you have to ascend to Divinity. Now you have to finish the campaign while having made the deal with the Doctor. When you have ascended to Divinity while having the Deal with the Doctor, you will get the achievement.

Another way to do this is to not talk or interact with the Doctor while having Lohse in your party (I had her as my main). When you get ready to ascend to divinity, when you have defeated Braccus Rex, the Doctor will appear and kill Dallis and Lucian. When he talks to Lohse, do not choose option 1 as the Doctor will kill Lohse forever. If you choose option 2 then he will let you live and fight with you. However everyone in your party becomes your enemy. If you win the fight with Lohse then you will get the achievement.


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