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Better Equipped Not Popping


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The guide says its rare for this to not pop. And to try buying, or unlocking 1-3 more pieces of equipment. If all else fails, it's not a lengthy grind to go for the trophy again in another playthrough luckily. So I'd say carry on, and do what you can trophy-wise this playthrough. And if you don't get it this time around, just try again during a 2nd playthrough. Unfortunately it's all you can do :/ 

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I got the same problem together with 2 other trophies that didn't pop.


:bronze:Thread the Past - Restore 5 vestige outfit pieces : despite the fact that I had 5 different pieces it only unlocked when I got number 7. Looks like it didn't count the Empress Jaguar pieces for me


:bronze: To the Nines - Restore and equip a matching vestige outfit  : the Empress pieces didn't do the trick for me. I hope I do get this trophy when I get two pieces of other gear


:bronze:  Better Equipped - Get 3 pieces of equipment  ; didn't pop at the moment described in the guide. I had to buy an ammo pouch in order to get it


I hope to find more vestige outfits pieces in tombs and crypts to get 'To the nines'.


This game is glitchy as hell

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