I need help with trophy '絆グランドマスター'

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When you die in Arcade mode, the spot were you've died will appear as a section you can try in the Bond Development mode, survive 10 seconds & you'll get a certain amount of kizuna points. The further on in the game the more points it awards. You need 100,000 points to unlock the 4 character portraits in the background.


I'm pretty sure if you use save & load then you won't get those deaths added to the bond development mode, at least it looked like that to me. 


If you can make it at least halfway through stage 3 on one credit & get an extend or two that's pretty helpful (because then you'll get extra bond development sections), any section in & after stage 3 awards 10,000+ points whereas stage 1 & 2 aren't as lucrative & it would take a long time to get the points up.


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