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Hi guys, I have just recently started this game in an effort to grab some of the online trophies before the servers get shut down at the end of the month. I figured I'd leave MyCareer and MyGM until next year when I'll have more time to spend on it. 


Anyway, I've played The Prelude and I imported my created player from there so I'm up to the part where I've just been drafted but I haven't played beyond that. I've also been logging into the My2k17 iPad app throughout the year, so I've got about 115,000VC right now in my game.

So what I want to know is, when the servers get shut down, will I actually lose all of that or will any VC I have still be useable in MyCareer offline? I've tried to find a definite answer but I've read conflicting information, so I'm hoping some of you here can help clear this up for me?


I've never played an NBA game before so can anyone give me some info on what exactly I will lose and if I'll still even be able to continue MyCareer with my already created save file?


Thanks in advance :)


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