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The ESO Comeback


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Hi guys,


I consider coming back after pausing for more or less two years. Reason why i quitted playing TESO was the "Emperor" trophy as there was no chance for me to spend that much time to get it done. However, external circumstances have shown that I will have relatively much spare time in the coming 3 months and therefore I consider to tackle the trophy again, since the game was very much fun to me. I've tried to get a little smart, but the amount of information is quite overwhelming and above all it's a little hard to separate the outdated information from the current ones. So it would be great if someone could give me a hand or send me a link/guide/whatever to help me (and possibly future players) get back into the game in general and attack the trophy. IF someone knows or is part of a guild, then I would be happy to receive information about it, but this should NOT be a group search thread in the first place (that's what the corresponding function is for). I'd also like to know if there's an advantage in having any expansions. I quit before Morrowind.


Thanks in advance

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