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This game has control issues with older model controllers


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This game seems to have some control issues with older model controllers (the one without the lightbar line on the front panel of the touch pad) where there is an issue with holding and releasing X, also in-air adjustments such as in salt shaker or thumb are noticeably more difficult with the older model. There are many levels especially later on where you must hold and release X at specific intervals in order to do precise timings for jumps and I have found that it is much less consistent with my older model controller (no issues up until this point with this controller in other games) so either it's something with the game, something with the controller in general, or just some kind of technical issue with my specific controller. This leads to a lot of unnecessary deaths since many of the later stages requiring precise timings of holding and releasing and pressing again. I was playing this on an older model controller and when I used a newer controller, I noticed much more precision in my play and much less bullshit deaths, which I had previously attributed to poor design on the game (although tbh there are many elements of the game that are poorly programmed/designed)


Just a heads up to anyone playing or planning on attempting this game, it will save you a lot of headache down the road

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