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Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a long and extensive video for MK11's The Krypt Area. This will be the last video I make for the Krypt as I am pretty much burned out lol.

This video showcases a general guide for all the Key Item Locations in the Krypt and their uses. I will be talking throughout the video, so if you don't like that well, I'm not sure what to say.

The Guide part will focus on important things you will need to know about the Krypt, and also locations for the Key Items that affect Progression in the Krypt. This is not a full guide that shows every chest location and such. There is no point as 90% of the Krypt is RNG, and only a few chests are fixed with loot and important items.

The commentated walkthrough in the end is to give people who are lost in the Krypt a general path they can take from start to finish, opening all the areas in the Krypt.

Couple things to note:

- I will not show all locations of Reptile, only the initial Cutscene
- will not open all chest, soul chest, heart chests, and invisible chests (No point as it's RNG)
- Will not teach you about the forging stuff. The forge isn't really relevant to the Krypt except for Shinnok's amulet which will be shown later in the video when needed.
- Won't be showing first time animations of me opening chests and doors, etc. I spent 20 hours getting all the krypt opened and farming all the soul fragments, hearts, and coins. Not doing it again so I can get animations.
- Lastly Skeleton Keys that open doors are random from chests. So you will need to farm them on your own by opening as many chests as you can.

*Useful Resources:

1) Shang Tsung's Throne Room Walkthrough


2) Easy Way to Farm Fatalities for Character Heads for Warrior Shrine



3) Reptile Locations after Starting Easter Egg


So I've spent a considerable amount of time answering some things in the intro, so please listen to it. The intro is more to explain what the Krypt is, what you can do there, and what you can expect from it.

I have included a timeline in the video for your convenience, so please use it as necessary.


*The Krypt General Guide & Walkthrough:




1) Introduction to Krypt - 0:07
2) Kollector's Coin & The Kollector Location - 6:33
3) Amulet of Earthrealm's Protector - 9:17
4) Thunder God's Shattered Staff - 10:44
5) Cetrion's Amulet & Cetrion's Head - 11:25
6) Kronika's Amulet, Gem of the Living, & Cracked Horn of Motaro - 12:47
7) Dragon Amulet Keystone - 16:03
8) Fragment of the One Being's Heart, Mind, & Soul - 19:45
9) Heart of Blaze - 21:50
10) Shinnok's Amulet (And the ingredients to make it) - 24:06
11) Elder God Puzzle - 29:49
12) Shao Khan's Hammer - 31:26
13) Scorpion's Spear - 31:55
14) Kenshi Takahashi's Blindfold - 32:58
15) Ermac's Amulet of Souls - 35:35
16) Kronika's Epoch Engine - 38:13
17) Reptile Discussion - 40:07
18) Reptile Easter Egg Start Location - 42:50
19) Shang Tsung's Throne Room & Collecting all 25 Heads - 45:30
20) Krypt Walkthrough (General Path to Unlocking All Areas and Key Items) - 49:27


Hope you guys find this useful!




Thanks to:

- star light for mentioning the Heads Glitch. Helped me with getting the heads faster (this has been patched unfortunately..)
- PowerPyx for letting me know how to get the Fragments in the Krypt
- Trophy Germany for making the Reptile Locations Guide. I only got 4 locations to spawn but still quite helpful



*I doubt I'm missing anything else that is important. If I am, please do mention it in the comments to help others :)

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