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I encountered an annoying bug at the very end of the game concerning Eredin combat. I have the standard edition, not the "yellow" goty and it was my first run on difficulty "Blood and Broken Bones" (not NG+).

I am making a topic here since I believe it can be useful for other players who can encounter the same issue.

To avoid any incrimination about spoilers, I put here in spoiler section the issue and my indications: 


There are three parts in the fight and at the transition between the 2nd and the 3thd part, the camera got crazy like I was at 300meters of Geralt and very high (I was killed and had to retry the fight, like three times, so I was starting to be a little fed up). I found some indications on Steam community and mainly this bug seems to be an issue linked to one latest patch. At the end of the 2nd part of the fight,

 1. Wait like 30-40 seconds before going to the next step

 2. Select the other option "than kill Eredin" in the quest menu (imo it is the crucial point to avoid the camera issue, can have a link with waiting long enough, just see if you have the other option)

It solved the issue for me. Hope it can be useful! 😉

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