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Outside My Wheelhouse


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-- Episode I --


 2242 at night, the glare of the television burns my eyes as i scroll through list after list of games either outside my price range or games that don't seem that interesting. Then, just as boredom grabs hold somewhere around the PS+ section of games my finger slowly juts the joystick to the right once. Stopping on my selection i stop and stare, thinking, would it be worth it? What if there's a god awful multiplayer? (There is.) I reach for my phone and quickly look up both a review and trophy list. The review goes over needless filler and then the voiceover says something i never thought it'd say, "career mode almost hits RPG levels of depth with a skill tree, perks and dialogue options." My curiosity peaked, i click download and am at a loss, growing up in the heart of Chicago my family was always hooked on sports, i couldn't stand them, all except wrestling of course. So, here i was, all out of witches and warlockes, foul mouthed protagonists, beautiful story, bored with it all at the moment and, resigned to my choice i hit "start" and then the Load in background lights the room up with text.............MLB The Show 19............


This concludes our broadcast day, tune in next time when, once again, i go "Outside My Wheelhouse"........

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