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[Spoilers!] Tragedy in this game


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I know this is 'off topic' as it's not really concerned with earning a trophy, but damn, not reviving the successors gets really tragic.  My first playthrough I did a 100% one, with Dweller in the Dark, restoring all the successors, and so now I'm going through aiming at Heirs (restore none).  That way I can pick which is LEAST TRAGIC for my final playthrough lol.


So yeah, coming off of restoring them, there's varying levels of 'Damn, that's tragic' when i don't manage to.  Yakumo and the Successor of the Claw is pretty bad, though Jack and the Successor of the Throat absolutely takes the cake and sucker punches you right in the feels.  In comparison, Mia and the Successor of the Breath I actually like!  It was a nice catharsis, without feeling tragic (well... kinda... for what it's worth I mean).  The various successors' voices right as you leave the doorway.... oof though.

Note that I haven't actually beaten the game yet for the 2nd time, so I don't know how bad the ending will be, or the middle one either.  


But seriously, I really do love this game.  Literally my only complaint is the MP grinding I have to do for the one single MP trophy lol.  I haven't had this much FUN with a SoulsBorne clone in ages... probably maybe not since Demon Souls/Dark Souls 1 (I hated 2, and maybe I just was in a bad mood, but 3 I didn't enjoy as much as I should've.  Of course, that was on the xbone.  Still haven't done Bloodborne).  It really makes me want to try out the God Eater games too.

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Yeah, I felt similar. I did the "all saved" first because this is the way I play usually. It felt a bit strange with everyone being so damn sad, me restoring that person, and then they weren't quite happy as I thought they would be. It worked way better with the sad playtrough I did next. Honestly, I liked the bad ending most, I think it fits the overall sad feeling of this game because of all the tragedies you find out while playing. Doesn't feel right to me to be the only person/group having a happy ending you know.


I really like this game too. It feels like an easy Souls game to me, but I like it. All they ever try is to make it damn difficult, but no one did try making a lighter Souls. At least I didn't stumble upon anything so far. It's a Souls game I can recommend to my friends who absolutely hate me for trying to make them play (the real) Souls games :D


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