Fujii VR full game & 100% trophy guide (49mins)

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How to complete all trophies in Fujii VR.

In total there are 19 seeds to find, 4 eggs, a windchime, the theremin plant, and the serpent.


1 seed in tutorial section (unmissable).

1 seed in the garden hub area.


In biome/area 1:

6 seeds.

3 eggs.

The windchime.


In biome/area 2:

8 seeds.

1 egg.

The theremin plant.


In biome/area 3:

3 seeds.

Touch the serpent at the end.


Here is a full game walkthrough & 100% trophy guide video if you would like to see all locations. Timestamps for ALL items can be found in the video description if there is just particular ones you are looking for! 

Full game & trophy guide (49mins):






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