Dante mission 10 practical solution.

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Hello there, due to the lack of any guide over the Internet I decided to share my own personal strategy to clear this mission if anyone wants to clear Dante.


Due to balance adjustements in the recent updates you cannot do this mission the way that the demostration is showing you in a practical way, so here I give my solution in a video to clear this mission. You do not need perfect timing in combo challenges to clear them. As long as one attack of the move required hits it will count. This applies to every combo challenge in this tittle.


Below I am gonna post two videos of the same challenge, in one of them the Crystal follow-up hits partially, meanwhile in the other one it does hit fully. 


Differences between the demo and my solution are the following:


- Magic balls spells part (Grace of Hoggoth) is done in the other side of the screen.


- Once you connect the balls attack you need to immediately realign Doctor Strange a few steps in order to change the tracking of the 623 Strong punch.


- Once you connect it, change to Dante immediately and press left on the D-Pad in order to maintain the positioning to make the 236 Strong Punch to connect. Then you need to finish the combo in the way that the demostration is showing you.


Hope this helps. 




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Giving some more information about the challenges.

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