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Remembrance trophy


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I need some advice, im already at the end. I check the memories on the main menu and i miss quite a lot 29 to be exact. I have a backup save before cleansing the cargo and ship outpost. Should i finish the Game and restart another one or should i reload m'y save to try getting more dreams before cleansing the ship and cargo? Do dreams are missables. Right now when i sleep i make always the same dream.       


29 missed dreams its appear to me a lot. Already got all other trophies apart this one and the two endings. Do you have to sleep during specifics circumstances to trigger some dreams. In the main menu they are listed above differents category, titles.    Thanks


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2 hours ago, DeGrape83 said:

Edit, from my backup save (before cleansing cargo and ship), i make sure i have all dreams Up to the 4th dream of high low and waiting séquence (sorry my game is in french Quelle hauteur et Patienter), this is the last 2 set of 5 dreams. The last 7 dreams are granted automatic at the END. Cleansing the shipwreck unlock the 5th dream of high and low séquence and cargo unlock the 5th of Waiting séquence (not sure the title) , Patienter in french. 




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