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Cavern photos in case you're stuck on this crap


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If you're stuck with missing scraps or confetti on this level, here are photos to help. This is particularly important for the scraps because this game is a junk in some things, and I was already doubting what I read here and on playstationtrophies.




If you're missing 1 or 2 scraps the culprits are almost surely from here. This area is near the beginning of the level. There will be 2 scraps jumping in and out of these pipes. Or just one. Or none... That's how stupid this is. Even if they're there and you kill both, that doesn't mean these 2 will count. So if you can't get the last one in the last fights near the rocket, it's surely one of these making a mess. Took me almost 20 plays to get these to register, as I had one missing. In more than 3/4 of the plays there was only one or none. People say you can suck them even if they're not visible, I tried everything nothing worked.

If after doing this once and the rest of the level you still are missing one scrap insist on this crap until necessary. Yep, it's that stupid.



If you're missing one or 2 confetti, more into the level near the time you'll have to free the scientists you'll get to these:






The missing confettis are above the dual jumper pads that you have to use the rear trackpad. Just jump several times in the second of each pair to be certain to grab them, as they usually can't even be seen.




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