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Another tower defense game.... Yeah, just another one. It's neither bad nor great or anything special. It's not particularly difficult if you upgrade your stuff correctly. You gain crystals each time you finish a level, and the better you finish it, the more crystals you get. These crystals are limited and you can spend them on upgrades or in the middle of the game actions. The end-game stuff REQUIRES that you save some for it, because it won't use your upgrades and it's impossible to finish without spending crystals on stuff in the middle of a game. Those in the middle of the game stuff isn't permanent at all, just that one try. You can purchase crystals, but you should be fine if you save like a couple of hundred for the post-game stuff.




Playlist of entire game, in case you just wanna check out what it's like or need any help with a level.



Should you purchase it? Well, I think it comes in some giant tower defense collection. It has no plat, but these can be fun from time to time. I hated the 30 000 kills grind, but otherwise, I had a pretty good time tbh.

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