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Grit Relic


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So I only have 2 relics left to master, the Grit Relic being one of them (the other [which is Mana related] I can just have equipped and not even think about due to the Grit Relic having health be my mana currency).


I keep dying on the fucking Eye-ctopus or whatever the 2nd boss is called, and my strategy before now has been to spam the shit out of Double Jump or Reckless Charge.


Any suggestions? (I've been using Shade mostly, and would rather use Flagon than Fizz if I have to.)

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Update: Finally did it (with Shade), sometimes you just gotta keep trying, and I got lucky and found a +150 armor immune to poison.


Obviously the main strategy for the Grit relic is DO NOT USE SPECIAL SKILLS, otherwise it’s just some trial and error.


Did I mention that before this game I’d never played Peggle before?

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i am having trouble on the Grit one as well...although the problem i am now having is with the latest update the game keeps crashing repeatedly on me.

Usually it's on the dungeon boss fights, where it will crash at least 9 - 10 times, but it will crash at least once every 4 rooms or so...


Before the update it was maybe once or twice a full run, but now it's ridiculous...



Patch 1.02 seems to have cleared up all of the crashing issues...i only have the True Grit Relic to master in order to get plat, but it seems impossible.


Any tips for the True Grit Relic (its the one that uses 20% of max HP for skills)? You basically cant use any skills ..prib is the monsters kill you quick if you just normally hit them.....



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