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Mission 220 Tip !

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Hello Everyone,


I thank level 220 will be a very hard mission to beat. But I found an easy method to beat it. I needed less than 10 tries to finish it. That s my method to win both stars : 

Go to the far right of the map and only use the robot with R1. Never punch or try special move. That's it ! If you find the good rythm, you can do a lot of R1 action and you ll cause a lot of damages to your both opponents. 

With a bit luck, anyone will do a super move on you and then you just have to win with this R1 method. Let s try to win to achieve the star. Restart then to win a clash with the same method to earn your last star.

Of course the falling ice luck must be on your side ... 


Good Luck everyone ?

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