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will missing the 2 notes/diaries as shown in this video work?


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I followed the video way back when the game was on Plus and didn't missed anything. I would advise to be careful with it as you may miss some collectables since this was a 100% speedrun in a way. 


What I did was watch some seconds of the video, pause, do what you saw on the game, repeat. It takes time but in that way you will be certain that you won't miss anything

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The Trophy Guide on the Amnesia page of PSN Profiles has a helpful video for all Tinderboxes, this video also includes all notes and diary entries for the completion trophies.

Having just got the platinum myself I will warn you to be hyper vigilant with the walkthrough as missing just one note will require you to restart the whole playthrough if you're unable to backtrack, I realized I had missed a note right at the beginning of the game and was forced to replay the entire thing even after beating the two other games in the collection bundle (Justine and A Machine For Pigs).

Saying that though, my trophy popped after getting all notes despite having three diary pages left to find so maybe they are not factored into the completion?
If it's your first time playing through the game I highly recommend just going through it at a natural pace without guides, the stop and start technique that maiathewinners has mentioned above can be really dull and boring after awhile.

Best of luck!

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