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Unchanging Armour

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33 minutes ago, ReaperOfBurgers said:

Sorry if this has been explained anywhere, but would it be possible to make two saves once I finish Hollow Bastion? And finish off the game on one, and then use the other to max everything out with other equipment in the game?

yes it is, but your better off making two saves and make it where you keep going for the unchanging armour trophy run and then once you got it go back to the back up save and do what you need.

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9 hours ago, ReaperOfBurgers said:

Isn't that what I said?

yes but what my point is don't change from one to another. like when you have problems with say riku's final fight then you say f it and change saves and do abit of that, just stick with the unchanging armour as I had problems with the boss fight with the bat guy near the end of the game and done abit of grinding on my 100% save then came back to the unchanging armour save and when I beaten the game it didn't pop. so the best thing to do is keep going with it and also maybe backing up your save to a usb or cloud to make it where once your done with this trophy just run after the 100% one after.


Sorry if I come off odd with how I worded it but that is how it happen for me on ps3.

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