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MVP: Requirements for Stylish Fighter


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So, I found confirmation from Spearhead Games as to the actual requirements to unlock the Stylish Fighter bonus needed for the MVP.


Here are the conditions for Stylish Fighter:

  • Ingredient used (any bomb, column or activatable trap): 3 used
  • Companion ability: 3 uses
  • Combo : 2 different types
  • Ability (once they are unlocked): 4 uses for each (i.e. Phantom Blast 4 times, Phantom Grasp 4 times, etc.)


Combo on the list above apparently just refers to your attack strings like (Square, Square, Triangle) or (Square, Triangle, Triangle), and not stuff like getting a 10 or 30 chain. Getting hit also apparently doesn’t matter, so long as you don’t die to void the No Death bonus.


This list also seems to indicate that the earlier you do this trophy, the easier it is as you’ll have less moves to use. I started a new game and went for the first day Draga path, and by following the above list I got MVP on my first attempt.


As for the Explorer bonus, I just made sure to break everything and grabbed all the chests along the way.


Hopefully this list is as helpful to everyone as it was to me.

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