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I just wanted to make a post that if you use the trial of this game and then purchase the full game, no trophies will retroactively pop... I played a free weekend a couple years ago and enjoyed it, finally it lowered in price to what I wanted to spend and none of the trophies I should have earned popped. So now I have to delete my character and repay the entire beginning up to where I am.


You can see on my trophy list and the time stamps that I popped a bunch already, but haven't popped the three for seeing the title screen, recruiting a soldier and recruiting a nurse, which I have definitely done.


So I figure I would give everyone a heads up if they want to do the trial to see if you will enjoy it (which I personally do) make sure to delete your character when you buy the full game and start it over again, so you waste as little time as possible.





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