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"Your Show Sucks" Trophy

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Okay, so, I've seen on various "Your Show Sucks" trophy guide videos that the trophy doesn't unlock by destroying all TVs broadcasting Al-Asad's speech on the 'Charlie Don't Surf' level. This happened to me on my first try so I thought that I must've missed one. I tried again following another video that's, not on the PSNP trophy guide and still nothing. I then thought that I may have destroyed a TV but then died so the TV reset position. So I went for another round and still nothing. I then saw comments on guides for this trophy stating that you have to play the 'Blackout' level (the previous level to 'Charlie Don't Surf').


 As soon as you start the level ('Blackout') you will need to kill 2 soldiers outside a shed and then 2 more on the inside (left side). In this shed, there is a TV broadcasting Al-Asad's speech which you will need to destroy but then you will need to complete the whole 'Blackout' level and then complete 'Charlie Don't Surf', destroying all TVs once again. 


I did this and it worked on my main account. I then tried it on an alt account and the same thing happened to me. By just collecting the 'Charlie Don't surf' TVs, it didn't give me the trophy. I then did it with the previous level trick and it worked like a charm.


I made this post so that if this ever happens to you, you know an alternative which works pretty much 100%

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