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Classic Video game Collections


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I've searched all over on PSNP and couldn't find anything about videogame collections so thas why I made this topic. I've been collecting retro consoles now for a few years and I'm curious if anyone else has a nice collection they've been hoarding for years or if anyone is just starting.


To be honest, my collection is pretty small, taking into account that I wasn't a gamer when I was little due to always moving country, so a videogame console wasn't really practical. The only console I had at the time was a PSP and a DS which was my brother's. Once we settled into my current and final country (Spain), I started gaming properly and started my collection (finally).


This is what I have so far:

- 20th anniversary PS4 controller

- Classic mini PS1

- Classic mini SNES (European version)

- Classic mini NES with extra controller

- PS1

- PS one (unboxed/without cables and controller)

- NES Four Score (Brand new)

- NES Cleaning Kit (Brand new)

- Nintendo 3DS LL Super Famicon Edition

- Nintendo DS

- NES with Zapper and Duck hunt

- White PSP GO

- PS2 (Black)

- Original Gameboy with Tetris (Personal Fav)

- Grey N64 (Unboxed from the original box but now has a new home in a special edition N64 protector box)


I don't consider the consoles below as part of my 'Non-played' collection due to having played with these growing up, I only consider consoles that I bought specifically for the collection, part of my special collection.


- Original PS4

- PS4 Slim

- Xbox 360

- Xbox One (Day One Edition)

- Black PSP

- Dark Blue PSP

- 3DS

- 2x 3DS XL

- PS3 Slim

- 2x PSVita

- 2x Wii U

- Nintendo Wii

- DS Lite



I then have a few Nintendo Watch & Game handheld consoles but have no idea where they are, a few special N64 controllers that I also don't know where they are, and then finally I have a handheld console that I have no idea which one it is due to having no markings.



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