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About PC trophy progression when moving to PS4

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So I have a question about a couple scenarios.


First, if I have like 900 synths under 'Blacksmithing' on PC, and make the 100 left on PS4, would the trophy pop?

Also let's say I have 1100 for 'Culinarian' on PC, in this case would it pop after I make one?


I use these for examples. I assume the answer will apply for 'Fates', logging 'Mature Trees', and any "grindy" trophy.

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Yup, everything is tracked.  If did all the stuff to pop the trophy on PC it'll pop whenever you do it again on PS4.  Like I got all the Kill Enemy trophies at once.


To get the story trophy, I think you're going to have to run Prae.

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