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Fill All Neurons

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I feel like there isn't enough time to get all the neurons, as a completionist this really gets to my OCD :'(


Is there a new game+ where neurons carry over?

Or something of the like?

Because that would a huuuuuge lift off my shoulders

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7 minutes ago, the_karo said:

No, there is no new game+. I am after the Credits and dont have all Mutations unlocked, but i cannot evolve anymore. I'm not even sure you can get all? It seems that you can still unlock the neurons though.

Damn, I was worried that was the case


I've seen some images of people that have them all, so I think it's definitely possible in a playthrough. Just have to be meticulous 


They should have let us continue post game to get mutations and lock neurons in generations for people with ocd like me ?

Hopefully they do something like that for the next game


Thanks for the heads up! At least now I know, and can be prepared! :highfive:


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