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P.I. Connors Trophy not unlocking?

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On 02/07/2020 at 8:17 PM, cofiv said:

I've collected all secret bags but the trophy won't seem to pop, do I have to do something else after I've collected them all to make the trophy pop?

No, you might want to check the underground though. You've probably missed one there. 

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If pressing L3 at the map screen and picking "world" shows all the relevant collectables as found, then I don't know what to suggest.  These trophies were just awarded on the final collectables for me.


If it doesn't show 100%, then maybe check whether you missed some in missions.  In a few cases, I died during a mission then respawned after the point where the collectable was but when I completed the mission it only remembered that I had found the later collectables and not the early ones.  That just meant replaying the mission and being a bit more careful.

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