One or (partial?) two playthroughs?

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Ive read somethinig about doing 2 playthroughs in the guide since there are trophies tied to a specific character.

For the rest i cannot find anything that you actually also need to finish the game with both characters?


This means that its basicly a partial 2nd playthrough right?

Or does the "grind" tag on those trophies really mean it does take allot of time based on the frequency the execute/warp skills trigger?


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Havent played a Psyker yet, so i don't know how easily the anomalies can be created, but the executions are no big deal. There's a Skill to it so you can do this on every enemy (instead of bosses only) but i don't remember how soon it can be activated. definetly not an entire playthrough once you got that skill it. there are a couple of other throphies that fit the "grind" tag much better.


but you might want to do two playthroughs for the story trophies, although not relevant for the plat since they are DLC trophies. there's probalby still a lot to do after the first playthrough anyways


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