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Question about online trophies


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Hi all!

I want to start this game but I know that some trophies may bug if you got disconnect from EA servers and well since I don't trust very much in that conection I decide I going to play it ofline and get all the single player trophies first.

I already have the tutorial trophy and only missing the 2 strike/extraction teams missions trophies. (I'm going to do Ng+ and do the insane difficult).

So.... here goes the question:


1. ¿How many time is going to take after I end all of that to do the 25 strike teams missions from the get go? How you can see I don't want to try the multiplayer I just don't enjoy it.


2. ¿I have to be connected to send the teams right?  If this one is "yes" that's why I'm asking number 1.


Thanks all! ?


I'm going to close I solved my questions. Thanks


1. R: It's fast you will make it while going to the platinium


2. R: Yes you have to be connected but you can disconnect after sending the teams to avoid bugs.



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