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Interrogation Anxiety Mission Is Bugged


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The story mission - Interrogation Anxiety - has three different progression blocking bugs.


The most common is loading into the mission AS BLACK WIDOW (so you don't need to change characters) and the objective glitching to tell you to talk to Tony then Hank (making it impossible to talk to Tony, which needs to happen before you talk to Hank). It makes the War Table unavailable so you can't do anything more in the campaign. Nothing fixes this, not exiting to the menu, exiting the game or going into Initiative mode and doing missions there.


The others are minor and can be fixed by playing a war table mission as BW and coming back to the hub. But this main one even blocks you from using the war table so you have no way of progressing.


The biggest problem I have with this is the Devs claim they are looking into it with low priority as they are focusing more on micro-transaction issues. They said to expect a patch to come out in the next 7-10 days to fix some stuff, but to not expect this mission to be included in that patch. 

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