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Formatting my HDD will make me lose all my challenges, contracts and stats of the multiplater coop?


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hi to all the community, i know this game is from 2012 and few people still play it, but i was wondering what will happen to all of my progress and stats earned at the moment in the coop portion(multiplayer) of the game if i format my HDD as this game cant be backed up on a USB memory or so and i dont have PS plus to save it on the cloud, my hard drive have many sectors damaged and doesnt work properly as it should, which makes very difficult for me to enjoy the game and have a satisfactory gameplay, always freezes every few seconds and becomes unplayable most of the time, besides the frequently disconnections of the servers during matches and while navigating on the coop menu too, which is very annoying every time im playing with my team and lost connection to the session. I didnt bother to ask EA help cuz they wont gonna listen to me and wont give a real solution to my problem, just the common ones, and to contact the customer support via chat is a nightmare and they dont answer you. Anyway going back to my main question will i lost everything if i decide to format the HDD or will be saved in the servers of the game when i come back to play coop? thanks and take care


Note: I bought another 2nd hand copy of the game in good shape cuz the other have the disc with a lot of scratches on it and didnt play well on my ps3 

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