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Wow I forgot how cheap these games were (all AOFs)


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People usually rage about SNK bosses, but I forgot how the AOF saga might be at the top of that.


Back in the nineties *exhaling*... I remember myself beating mr karate on the arcade, after too many tries through many weeks. Years after that, I played AOF2 and AOF3, and thought they were frustratingly cheap. Even regular enemies could read your inputs and do the best movement against your attack, it was so infuriating. I thought to myself, hey, AOF1 wasn't such garbage.


And now I'm reconsidering my memories: mr Karate (AOF1) is a cheap bitch that, as soon as I enter the input, chooses from 1-3 different attacks that land on my face no matter what I do. I feel like I am in a fight where the other guy sees me in slow motion and reads my mind knowing what I'm doing every moment. This is not, simply put, difficult, this is cheap as hell. A cheap AI that forces the player to play as cheaply as possible in order to win.


I guess I'll win against mr Karate again (and it's two times, hard and normal, right? ugh) but just thinking in AOF2 and Geese, gives me the chills.


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I just spent 2 hours on my first playthrough on AoF2 and just gave up. I didn't know you HAD to pass the special stage for the use of Haoh Sho Ko Ken. This really is going to be a nightmare grind for that platinum. I usually do ok with fighting games, but man is this one just simply...CHEAP. It feels at times, like the AI has 0 recovery frames on moves.

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