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Trophy for ejecting 1000 opponents bugged? [solved]


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I'm only 3 trophies away from the platinum and decided to tackle the grindy ones first, so I played versus against the CPU and went for the 1000 ejects trophy. After ~250 ejects I started using a second controller because the AI occasionally acts up (I only got ~50 ejects per 10min match against the CPU, but with a second controller, I could easilly get 69-70 ejects). I also kept track of my progress by writing down my ejects per match. But when I hit 1000 ejects, the trophy didn't pop up.

When I played against the CPU, I got the trophy for 50 ejects, so getting the trophy for 1000 ejects should be possible too. My guess is, for the ejects (and probably KOs) to count, you have to fight the CPU.

Can anyone else confirm that ejects and KOs don't count towards the trophy when you use a second controller / boost with a friend?


Edit: Found it out myself.You have to fight the CPU for the ejects (and most likely KOs) to register.

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