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Advice needed regarding PS3 w/bad WiFi/Bluetooth Chip


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I don’t know if this is the right place for this and if not, the mods are free to move it. 


I’ve heard multiple horror stories online of people with bad Bluetooth/WiFi chips (controllers won’t work wirelessly, and WiFi is nonfunctional) bricking their PS3 during a system update due to the update (supposedly) detecting faulty hardware. 


Has anyone here had this happen? 

Could this be an issue that only happens with modded consoles? Mine’s never been modded. And the rep I spoke with at Sony didn’t seem to know it could happen. 


I honestly want to get it repaired ASAP but I want to take it somewhere that will salvage as much of my original console as possible (everything else works perfectly on it). 


How should I go about finding a video game repair shop that actually knows what they’re doing and won’t just hand me someone else’s refurbished console instead? I know I’ve taken good care of mine over the years and would like to hang onto it.


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