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[Video] Maitetsu Pure Station Platinum Walkthrough


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07:24 Running 8620

07:48 Make a save #1

07:52 Pick Hachiroku

15:03 Get Hachiroku to Like You

15:11 Load save #1 and choose Paulette

21:18 Get Paulette to like you

21:30 Load save #1 and choose Hibiki

28:20 Get Hibiki to like You

28:32 Start a new game and choose Makura

29:49 Get Makura to like you

29:55 Start a new game and choose Kisaki

31:13 Get Kisaki to like You

31:20 Start a new game and choose Reina

32:54 Get Reina to Like You

33:05 Start a new game and choose Nagi & Fukami

34:22 Get Fukami to Like You

34:30 Start a new game and choose Grand Route

37:24 Gert everyone to like You

37:37 Choose specials-BGM-Tender Grenery

37:42 Get Nagi to Like you

37:49 Specials – TIPS – Brake Block – First and second class – Koji

38:23 Maitetsu Expert

38:26 Maitetsu Pure station PLATINUM

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