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No sound home theater after update 1.01


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Yesterday, i was going to play Beyond Two Souls, and then the game said there was an update to the version 1.01.
About 80MB, i updated and since that moment i have no sound in the Home Theater, before the update yes, i try another game on my ps3 and the sounds was ok.
I set the speakers to the TV and there are sound.
Any idea or similar problem with the update.

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Delete all data redownload the update and there i have sound again.

Now i'm suffering the freezes in different parts of the game, i have checked online and looks pretty common.

Maybe i should get a new ps3, happened before with dragon dogma and the fat ps3.

All the other new games gta v, last of us works perfect.

Is frustrating. I have to replay some leves 2-3 times because of the freezes...

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I had that too with Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and I have the first PS3 version that came out when you could play all PSOne and PS2 games on it, but it stooped after a while and no other games have shown that problem, so it could be perhaps cause of the last updates I downloaded.


Otherwise, could be your PS3, but if it's less than a year or two old, then it would surprise me that the problem comes from it, unless you got a buggy one.

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They pushed the ps3s limites thats why is keeps freezing and it is also a new software that your ps3 needs to get use to. So your not the only one experiencing this and you don't need a new ps3 it will be the same for that too.

I got a new ps3 the gta v version, a san ultraderecha and replacement and the ultraslim also show problems with that game, si way to hard that game for any ps3.

Thank you for the advice.

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