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So I finished Motorstorm RC on my vita and was starting it on my ps3, I REALLY don't like the whole "you won all trophies on the vita so we'll just give them to you on the ps3!" thing, and I thought that as long as I didn't connect my vita to my ps3 the save wouldn't pass over and I could enjoy the game 1 more time and get the plat legit(legit being not getting 32 trophies in 4 minutes(not judging anyone who does it, I just don't like it)), but when I signed in to my account and entered the game I saw all medals appearing and trophies started popping, once I saw that happen I exited the game but still got 3 trophies in 5 seconds...

my question is, how can I play the game again without this happening? do I just play it offline and sign in when I only need the 2 online trophies?

I went through Sound Shapes on the vita yesterday and I didn't have this problem -_-

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