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10 minutes ago, LordWikii said:

After changing my tuning, I've beaten it. Now I'm having issues with the Hot Lap in the Hennessey Venom lol.

Got my lap of this too, i felt it was easier, had traction control on low, my lap definitely had another second in it, just couldn't quite nail the lap entirely, there's so much time to lose with wheelspin, but I'm sure you'll get it.


Good Luck :)


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5 minutes ago, ibra-8_2018 said:


Can you please show us the upgrades and/or tuning you have used for the hotlaps with the lamborghini, ferrari and hennessey??

Lamborghini I used the first two upgrades, I believe they were the brakes and tyres.  


Ferrari and Hennessey you need max upgrades, there's no limit on these two hot laps.


I had default tuning on all vehicles. I had traction control off for the Lamborghini and traction control on low for the Ferrari and Hennessey because of the wheelspin exiting corners, all cars I used abs on.


I also have to add I used my PS5 for these events and my personal opinion is the PS5 controller has better feedback when it comes to half and quarter throttle exiting corners. It just felt quicker to use.

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