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here are some tips for anyone going for it. 

1. You do NOT need any dlc for the trophy
2. Ps now version of hardline CAN play with the ps3 game
3. Designate 2 squad hosts and keep teams the same every match. 
4. Pick one team to suicide every match, do not switch it up.
5. Do not leave the match until you get to the screen showing coins and assignments
6. Track matches on battlelog website. 
7. Be prepared for 3 hours of boosting. 

for other trophies involving kills you CAN get some dlc trophies on base game maps. Once again the ps now version of the game can play with ps3 copies, which gives the potential for self boosting. 

the only part of the dlc that needs strictly ps3 copies are the dlc mode specific trophies. 

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The competitive match ‘season’ is set to end on 12.31.2020 it has been under the same season for over three years. It is very highly unlikely that this season gets renewed. Which has lead many people to assume it’s shutting down. The dlc trophy test your mettle relies on this mode to obtain it. 
And yes the ps4 and ps3 versions fall victim to the same fate.


no other dlc trophies will be affected at all.


please also note even the base versions have access to competitive match servers. So I would suggest hurrying to get this even if you don’t own the dlc. As you can get the trophy without owning the dlc. 

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