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Possible Exploit found for Boss battles

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I'm having a hell of a time trying to S-rank everything, I'm on my last two hard songs and I can't seem to get above an A rank No Miss. During this I made the discovery that if you hit the Playstation Home button on the controller while the boss battle is loading and it will essentially de-sync the fight if you stay on the PS4 home screen. The final score winds up being full zeros for everything but you get the NO MISS label applied to it. It's certainly a possible inroad into trying to make the game easier to 100%.


The game really isn't the best made especially since it seems they wanted you to focus on the rhythm games, the platforming parts seemed to be an afterthought since the difficulty between the two is night and day(I feel a bit deceived by this since the hard difficulty seems to exceed everything else by a wide margin and the game was not advertised to be a hard rhythm game and instead a 3D platformer). There's also deadzones that appear if you press the buttons too quickly despite the game wanting you to press them in rapid succession, some presses just don't register. So it's tuned very high to a point where it's beyond the game to properly manage the difficulty.

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Bit of an update, the game also accepts keyboard controls. Oddly enough I've been able to bring up the difficulty selection menu occasionally while playing the game this way. However doing this freezes the game and brings you back to the level selection, the controller isn't able to do this.


Ideally I'd like to bring up an in game console command to adjust the game speed or to nullify the boss attacks so you don't get your combo broken.


Does anyone know if the Japanese edition has any differences? I see their platinum completion rate is 50% while the US version is around 11%. The last final two songs really are hard and my hands started to hurt after a few hours of getting GREATS through all the rapid succession sections but still not getting above an "A" No Miss.

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I came here to vent about the last boss fight on hard mode and i 100% agree with you

So i got the game on switch,not ps4,because i did not want to bother with the achievements

Turns out that Giraffe and Annika has in-game achievements but on switch i don't mind not getting achievements in-game.

Anyway,in my 2nd playthrough i decided to beat all 5 rythm games on hard mode.

The last boss fight on hard mode is IMPOSSIBLE to do.

First of all,it turns out that you lose some % of your health if you don't have GREAT in every move. If you get GOOD or OK you instantly lose health.

Secondly,the lighting is a bother and a lot of times i cannot see the green marbles coming,because in the background there is a lot of movement and a lot of different lights going on that makes it impossible for me to see most of them. I don't think there is anything wrong with my eyes but is anyone else having this problem? 


In overall,the game is cute and i love the music,the story made me cry in the end which i rarely do when i play games. 

BUT,The last boss is unpolished for me and hard for a supposedly kids game.

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