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instant platinum?


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As far as I'm aware unfortunately the ps4 to ps5 saves will most times autopop trophies when save is loaded. Common issue seems to be save data not found or nothing pops upon initial load of save. As others have mentioned, close and restart your game app and this usually results in proper load and trophies transfer. Bad news is there is no backwards save file transfers for ps5 to ps4. They're different file structures and Sony would think it silly to make that a feature since they're trying to push the current gen console to replace the older one. Ps4 had a fantastic run and made many memories for me from 2014 until last year. Being able to transfer saves is a great way to upgrade your gaming experience and in some ways helps the trophy count with autopop. Downfall is it does take away the thrill of hunting some trophies again. Also should add I'm also enjoying this game thanks to plus. It's been quite an interesting adventure. I'm at the final boss fight right now and need a few more upgrades for all current ones to tier 5. Scaly Pete and his WW2 boat are some pretty crazy bs but it's been quite a fun battle despite getting myself turned into shark bait bits. Dude is pissed at the shark for screwing with him and getting revenge and defending his family honor n shit. Pete seems to forget he killed the sharks mom plus tried to pick on a poor baby shark. Captain douche canoe lost his hand and that's where the shit storm and our story began. Quite like how they threw in a slight little story into it. Wasn't much, but much wasn't needed tbh and it worked. Also the commentary and some of the landmarks Easter eggs were hilarious or just plain awesome. Definitely give some props to devs for going above and beyond to add some humor and fun little nods of parodying numerous things. Pennywise IT clown and demolition man 3 sea shells come to mind. The sea shells one was great and unexpected in a way. Also one of my fave movies also lolz. 

Only negative to say to finish is I do wish they had done aome better work with fine tuning the controls for biting sometimes and for some jumps timing also. That and there was some frame/game freeze or slow down moments that was mildly frustrating when fighting in the gulf area especially.  All in all though, a pretty decent game and good experience on the ps5. Start of the game felt a bit slow but once I figured out to just eat anything in my way for levels and upgrade currency to get a bit more heft and survivability. Glad I gave it another chance and figured out the obvious early on lmao. Is truth quest worth a purchase? I missed it on sale, but since I've got plus copy I'm not totally opposed to giving some of my money to the devs for their hard work I've been enjoying. My apologies for the lengthy multi topic post that this evolved into lolz

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