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Autolog not registering result for Fast Lane race

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I'm having a problem. On the Porsche dlc packs I've done all 10 events, 5 golds and 5 distinctions, but no trophy. Looking into each event, I see that the results for Fast Lane race in the porsche 959 doesn't even have a speedwall entry on the autolog despite 2 of my friends and myself beating it. This is stopping the trophy(?). I tried the usual stuff, reboot the game, redo the race (and win), force autolog update in main menu but still no results or speedwall for this one race. Am I fucked or am I missing something?.


EDIT: The Porsche Principle trophy popped this morning after I'd completed the Hot Pursuit 'Lockdown', which is a hypercar event from the super sports dlc pack and has absolutely nothing to do with Porsche cars. I was playing as a cop in a CCXR, and reached level 18 (captain) after the race was shut down. The trophy popped alongside the trophy for reaching Captain rank. The speedwall entry for 'Fast Lane' is still blank so that negates the need for an active connection to pop trophies. Looks like it was just a random glitch.

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Yes, I agree. I platted the game the other day. Other stuff that popped up in game were getting the 5 online Gumpert races trophy after only doing 1, having to do about 5-6 interceptor busts in the Veyron SS online instead of 1, having to play 12 of each online interceptor for the trophies instead of 10 (I created all my online sessions except Hot Pursuits so it wasn't down to players leaving/quitting). Thank God it's over. Didn't like the fact that the dlc events had to be gold/distinction for the platinum to work. That should never happen, especially if they are set as seperate trophy lists.

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