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Practice Makes Perfect help


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I played on TV and I think I was around 6.0-7.0 speed wise, depending on the song.


I didn't find it too difficult, but mainly as I've played (and platted) similar games like DJMax and Musynx. Think the best I did was all charming on a hard six difficulty.


Help wise, it's really what the trophy says: practice makes perfect. There are plenty of songs on the easier side (1-3 difficulty) + you can buy DLC for more easy songs. If VR isn't working out why not try TV?

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I have the Problem that many notes doesn´t match with the music and so i usally lose my ryhtm during the song. I play on speed 7.5 and TV mode (don´t even have a VR ^^) 

Some tipps how i can adjust the note timing right? Can´t really see or feel any difference?!  Or even some tipps for All Charming. Sadly the UI don´t give enough informationen for All Charming. 

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On 13/8/2021 at 23:57, ResonanceBlade said:

Ho il problema che molte note non corrispondono alla musica e quindi di solito perdo il ritmo durante la canzone. Gioco a velocità 7.5 e modalità TV (non ho nemmeno un VR ^^) 

Alcuni suggerimenti su come posso regolare il tempo delle note giusto? Non riesci davvero a vedere o sentire alcuna differenza?! O anche qualche consiglio per All Charming. Purtroppo l'interfaccia utente non fornisce informazioni sufficienti per All Charming. 


try to put speed 1.0 (it depends on the song) unfortunately I don't know how to help you for the joystick mode


do you have the possibility to borrow the VR from some family member or friend?



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