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Some insight on using different power cord on CECHA00


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I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can use a NA type B cord on a 60GB console at 100v. Reason I ask is I don't have thr slot for the screw on japanese plug and area I'm in often gets power surges so having the earth would be useful ,  I've just ordered one though would like to be sure

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8 hours ago, Helyx said:

I got a step down converter as I know for a fact the 220v causes extra heat on the A and B models, you would need to change the PSU with a CECHC to avoid long term issues from what I understand, though I know a lot of people that such swapped the plug to a local one and it worked fine I've not heard of any lasting past 2011 in working condition that were used like that that, so better safe then sorry. Got the 100v step down converter which I assume is 60hz as in pretty sure the 50hz are the ones that have two pins and screw the wire to a point near the socket. Since I'm using step down converter I have the type B port and no screw for ground that I'd consider safe to use so reason I'm wondering if a type B from another japanese or US appliance would work. From what I've heard the only difference in the ends is polarisation which I don't know if that really matters or not

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