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Before the Final Dungeon...

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I have a couple of questions about titles and sidequests that need to be done before the final dungeon.


1. Will I need to master all the recipes? I just need to do 8 more.

2. Will I need to do the girls' bathing suit side quest? I'm actually "locked" from doing it now because the motivational quest from Giovanni in Halure prevents me from doing that quest. I'll need to do a few things to collect everyone's joke weapons, like escape battle 50x or pocked 1 million gald, which I wanted to do after the final boss. 

3. Speaking of 1 million gald, I hope it isn't too late to do the Hot Spring event. 'Cause I'm broke.


Any other tips or advice about what I need to do before the final dungeon is much appreciated. 

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1) Yes you need to master all the recipes with at least one character (Yuri is recommended because he'll always be available), because the cooking titles are dependent upon you winning the cooking contest with that character in Dahngrest.

2) Yes, all costumes are connected to titles. You can take care of it post-game.

3) No it's not missable, just remember you may need a full party to trigger the events. If they aren't, leave, sleep at any inn, and return.


If you aren't already using the trophy guide on the site, check out this sidequest guide for pre-final dungeon stuff: https://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia/entry-10343547508.html

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