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Freediver: Triton Down 100% retrospective & trophy tips

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I did the Freediver trophy set recently & found it to be very reasonable while the game is an intense, claustrophobic & dark experience that surely mirrors the conditions in which many trophies are earned.
It's one of my favourite VR games so far & I wanted to share some trophy tips & a video or two.


Trophies for beating the game under certain conditions only apply to the ship section & you can't invalidate the trophies by doing any of those things in the blue hole section.


The first playthrough you want to focus on getting the collectables, finding all the crew members & not dying. Sadly I don't have a walkthrough for those but it's easy to spot & find what you need, the areas are really small so just make sure you've explored them completely before advancing. You might have to smash some glass with a nearby object or swim around the back of some boxes but that's as complicated as it gets. If you die just close the game as soon as it happens. I did this & still got the trophy. Didn't even need the cloud save.

For the second playthrough you can stack the no oxygen/no hints/no flashlight trophies. It'll be very dark so it's definitely better to do this in a second playthrough. I do have a video of that here with the loading & cutscenes edited out:



I spent a couple of hours on the initial collectable/no death run messing around & taking in the atmosphere but the second run only took about 40 minutes in total.

For the 'Things Will Pan Out' trophy you have to carry a frying pan through a small section of the game without dying & it has to be done in one go because you can't backtrack to the pan if you die due to the path being blocked once you advance. I kept a backup save in this spot just for this trophy & did end up having to use it. Here's a video of that, you can see I managed to drop the bloody pan at one point, but also managed to get it back:



That's all for now. If the game goes on sale again I'll pick up the NA stack & maybe add pictures or video of the collectables. 

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12 hours ago, Master_Mayhem_ said:

This was a great little hidden gem of a game. It’s a shame not many people have played this as I think most would enjoy it.


Agree completely! I still have about 100 un-played VR games but remain confident Freediver will make my best-of list when all is said & done. I've recommended it to a few mates all of whom were receptive towards the game.


I think it's the best underwater game I've played since Aquanauts Holiday. Time Machine VR is pretty cool but painfully slow at times. Freediver was exciting & tense. The first time I played it I'd take a big breath in whenever I'd swim up to an air pocket, not realising I'd been holding my breath in the whole time. Pretty immersive to say the least.


Sadly it's a common thing for VR non-plat/100% games to have very low ownership & very little interest. The prices probably don't help but it definitely is a bit of a shame! A lot of them have been really damn good.

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